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gravity star

11 November 1986
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Well as seen in my interests I love certain tv programmes and I have to admit can obssess over Xena in particular, have done since I was about 11. Despite that I have friends who assure me it doesn't completely take over my life (he he) and we have good times, from doing fun things (like jumping in and out of our large paddling pool in the garden) to having quite deep philosophical conversations (for example about the soul and religion).

Now getting into other stuff like 'what I do at uni', I'm currently doing a degree in ancient history and archaeology, which I have always found interesting and am enjoying immensly. I have to admit I do prefer the history side but the practical stuff is fun too, especially the digs.

Oh, in case it's not been worked out I am a lesbian, with the biggest crush on Renee O'Connor/Gabrielle from Xena. Have had for years. and I am determined to meet her at least once before I die. I also have to admit that I have a crush on at least one person from most tv shows mentioned in my interests (always started as my favourite character...then I realised why!)

I do spend time reading my books (not just fanfiction), just so I don't sound like a complete geek, but they do tend to be based in the fantasy genre. I just find it more interesting then any other genre...I mean dragons and elves! Come on.

My major hobby for years has been to research mythology, mainly greek but it is expanding. I came across some in primary school when i was 10 and have been interested ever since. Other then that, I make music videos, which I post on YouTube at the moment, if you wanna check any of them out go to http://www.youtube.com/gravitystar. I also write both fanfiction and my own stories, although I haven't posted much on the net, and nothing of my current series. Planning on making a web page of my own, but I have to obtain some actual money first.

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